Kinetic Ring | 4 Images


Kinetic Ring

Dimensions: 24'h x 11'w x 4'd

Media: Architechtural Glass, Coated steel, Concrete

Location: Tampa FL

Commissioned by: Westshore Alliance and the City of Tampa Art Programs Division

‘Kinetic Ring’ is a gateway sculpture designed to reflect the Westshore area’s active environment.

As the artist explains, ‘Westshore is an area ‘on the move’ with it’s lively collection of restaurants, shopping areas, and hotels. I wanted ‘Kinetic Ring’ to reflect that activity - to be bold and to have a sense of movement. This was achieved by creating a dynamic ‘pinwheel’ framework which holds four c-shaped panels of painted, laminated and tempered glass. The dynamic circular form appears to deconstruct and coalesce as the viewer moves by. The images on the glass panels are photographs of the Westshore area captured in motion and abstracted. Utilizing durable architectural glass allows for overlapping translucency that other materials cannot achieve, imparting an intriguing, glowing lightness to the sculpture.



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